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John Doe® Motoshirt Woman Red/Black

Artikelnr: JDL8001

Originele John Doe dames motorjas.


Bij besteding boven de € 75.- gratis verzendkosten. 


Getailleerd dames lumberjack met Kevlar gevoerd.

The JDM Motoshirt with XTM-Fiber® was designed specifically for riding motorcycles. It combines a great classic look with cutting edge safety technology. The Lumberjack Shirt’s high functionality and appropriate protection in extreme conditions come from combining flannel cotton twill with a lining made from the worldwide innovation XTM-Fiber® (fiber technology made from DuPont™ Kevlar® / Coolmax® and Lycra®).

So the Motoshirt feels super light and is very comfortable to wear even on hot summer days. Equipped with armor pockets on the shoulders, elbows and back, it allows you to add extra armor where needed.