H-D® Pan America Tactical Heated Hand Grips

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Harley-Davidson® Pan America Hand Grips


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Get more comfort and control with these heated grips. Heat settings are controlled with a military grade resistor, and use a thermostat to automatically monitor and adjust heat output relative to the ambient temperature. A heating element wound internally to the grips provides consistent and even heating. The grips feature a black rubber grid pattern with deep grooves that provide outstanding grip for rider comfort and confidence in any riding condition.

Grips remain at a constant temperature regardless of changes in outside temperature
Select high, medium or low heat setting
Left and right grips are each thermostatically and independently controlled for even heat output
Settings are selected by pushing a dedicated button on the left hand control
Selected heat setting is indicated with an icon on the color display screen
Switched on/off with the ignition to avoid draining your battery